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Art is always a Trouville for all of us. By the enticing creativity and focus, exquisite artworks were born, which tends to give us an enhanced pleasure from the deep of the soul. Art is not only painting, numerous genres are there to serve the creative process. One such genre is Miniature artwork, which is simply a painting or sculpture works in little sizes.

Miniature artwork

Miniature is one kind of unique and stylish way of artwork where even a wall-sized painting could be made as small art works. This artwork had a history of nearly 1000 years from the early primordial periods. A common definition used for the miniature is, “Miniature artwork piece can be held in the palm of the hand or it must be less than around 100 area”. These works are carried out in paper and cloth materials that are of a very small size, which is giving them a unique identity of beautiful artwork.

History of Miniatures

These miniature paintings have an origin in India from 750 A.D itself from the rulers of palas in Eastern India. In the religious teachings of Buddha, palm leaves were used for the painting works, where miniature was born in nature with small size palm leaves. Because of its unique beauty, it became popular. Around 960 A.D Chalukya dynasty rulers spread these miniatures in the western parts of India. Then with the impacts of Mughals, in fusion with the Persian style of paintings, Mughals miniature works were born. After Mughals, Rajput rulers of Rajasthan patronized the miniature works with their own distinctive features. Overall, these little painting works were used to preserve and showcase the history of contributions and achievements by various rulers.

Miniature painting schools

There are many schools for these miniature artworks with its own distinct features. They are Pala School, Orissa School, Jain school, Mughal School, Rajasthani School, Pahari School, Deccan School. The earliest miniature paintings are related to Pala School in which the works are dating back before 8th century A.D. This school followed Buddhist tantric rituals. Pala style of painting spread among the areas of Srilanka, Nepal, Burma and became a popular one. Orissa School of painting emerged in the 17th century with the same palm leaves painting, even in the period of usage of papers. Jain school is one of the earliest schools, where ‘Kalpa suthra’ and ‘Kalkacharya katha’ were portrayed in miniature paintings. The agglomeration of Persian paintings and Indian style of paintings lead to the born of Mughal Schools in miniature arts. Mughal style of painting was under the reign of Akbar.

Miniature exhibitions

There are several miniature art societies in different places to preserve the precious miniature artworks and the spirit of the miniature. It is a form of art which is very rich in heritage that is continuing today by various artists around the world. Thus these artworks should be preserved in a good way. There are several miniature art shows and exhibitions are shown all over the world. Some of the famous miniature shows are, Miniature art society of Florida , Sulphur Springs Valley International Miniature and Small Works Art Show, Seaside Art Gallery Annual Miniature Fine Art Show, Annual International Juried Miniature Show, The Art of the Miniature Annual Invitational Miniature Art Exhibition, Heartland Art Guild International Miniature Paintings & Sculptures Art Show Gateway to the Rockies Art Show, Aurora History Museum, Miniatures and More Invitational Show, Albuquerque Art Museum, Council For the Arts Annual Miniature Art Show at The Capitol Theatre Center, Miniature Painters Sculptors Gravers Society of Washington D.C. , Annual North American Miniature Art Exhibition at The Art Gallery of Fells Point. Most of these shows are shown in the USA.


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Pilipili Miniatures FAQs

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    What are the payment options available?

    We accept all major credit cards (JCB, Diners Club, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa), debit cards and net banking facilities from various different banks. After entering all the details, customers will be redirected to the bank’s page for entering the password.

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    Are your products authentic?

    Yes. All our products come with our logo of hologram sticker and unique serial number as a proof of identity. We are also the authorized distributor for the pilipili miniatures company products.

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    I am not able to find my needed miniature in the website. What can I do?

    No problem. We are here for you to assist all the time. Kindly call to our toll-free number provided in the website or make a visit to our shop directly. Here you can find numerous varieties of collections that are not available on the online site.

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    Can I preorder the items if they are out of stock?

    Yes, you can. We will make an option of ‘preorder’ to those items which went out of stock. Those products are labeled as out of stock and can be purchased on the pre order basis.

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    My needed miniature is marked out of stock. How long will it take to available back in the stock?

    We are doing our maximum works to keep every miniature to readily available for the customers. Sometimes the products run out of the purchase. Once you have sent a mail for the required accessory, we will notify you the estimated time taken for the product to available for purchase.

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    Shall I cancel/return my order?

    Yes, the user can cancel the order at any time before receiving. Also, they can return the product, if it is found to be impaired or any other misplaced item rather than the expected one.

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    What is the policy for exchange and refunds?

    If the product is found to be damaged one, please contact us soon within 48 hrs from the time of the product arrival. For all exchanges, you have to provide the details about the date and proof of the purchase, Reason for exchange and photographic proof of damaged item.

About Pilipili Miniature

Our company Pilipili Miniature is a perfect destination for getting your favorite little and beautiful miniature works of your own likes. We are well expertise in creating small miniatures with our enhanced artistic beauty skills and creativity from our heart. Miniatures are always a special thing and by owning these little things or presenting as a gift to loved ones will make you even more special. We have various categories of miniature works in which the little toys are made of different materials such as cloth, sticks, vegetables, indigo, precious stones, silver etc. and in every work, the spirit of miniaturization is maintained elegantly. This company is owned by Piliphili who is an expert in creating miniatures in his own way of inimitable skills. He is just following his interest in creating new beautiful and little artistic works every day just in his spare room, without any sequestered place for manufacturing. You can buy a lot of different miniature works like Containers, Figurines, Groundcover, Lights, Props, Structures, Little houses, Trees and shrubs, Fantasy toys, Historical etc. You can find some extra joy in seeing the ordinary things as little pieces of pleasure by buying our charming creative works.